Cheers! Draught Guinness Worldwide Is Now Suitable for Vegans

Stout-lovers can raise a glass to the fact that draught Guinness around the world is now vegan! After noting the demand for drinks that are suitable for vegans, Guinness set about improving its filtration system to remove isinglass – a substance made from fish bladders that’s sometimes used to filter beer and other alcoholic beverages….

Urge H&M to Stop Selling Animal Skins

H&M Claims Animals Shouldn’t Suffer for Fashion, so Why Is It Still Selling Leather? Cows in the leather industry are often branded, parts of their tails are amputated, their horns are removed through an excruciating dehorning process, they’re castrated without painkillers, and they’re often transported hundreds of miles to feedlots and slaughterhouses, where many are…