Don`t leave it to someone else YOU are that someone else .
We are out on the streets of Dublin every Saturday on Westmoreland street at the Bank of Ireland from 1 to 6.
Join us to help encourage people to go Vegan by talking to them.
Help us to show the suffering of the Animals to people.
We have lots of posters on display and lots of leaflets to give out.
Donate to help with our costs we can do so much more with your help.

If you want to get involved with Vegan Outreach and Animal Rights activism on the streets.
You can contact us by Email:vegoveganedu@gmail.com
Street activism really works you can talk to people and show them the suffering of the Animals
with posters ,flyers ,pop up Banners , We also show five minute animal rights films in video booths.
The time flies when talking to people and knowing that you will be helping the Animals if people Go Vegan.
It gives you a lift if you are a passionate Vegan and you love Animals .
What could be better than encouraging people to Go Vegan and saving Animals at the same time.
You will be very welcome to come and join us our group: V.E.G.O. Vegan Education on the Go
You can help the vegan street activists by contributing on our site on Donate .
We need funds for Flyers, Leaflets , Posters , pop up Banners , Travel expenses and parking, etc.
Our dedicated group can do so much more with your help.