If we can eat healthy without harming animals, why wouldn’t we?

It is a fact that we can live a healthy life by adopting a diet free from animal-based foods.

For decades, there has been a movement towards vegetarianism and veganism. People have been reducing meat from their diets. Elite athletes who have decided to adopt a plant-based diet as well as nutrition experts who have studied vegetarian diets, prove that these diets are well-balanced and healthy.

So, if we can feed ourselves without harming animals in farms and slaughterhouses, why wouldn’t we do it?

We know the answer. We are so used to eating meat that the idea of eliminating it from our diets seems strange. Why?

Advertisements by the food industry have made us dependent on meat. However, the grocery store is full of healthy and nutritious alternatives, but unfortunately, agricultural industries that grow vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts are not as powerful as the meat industry.

The meat industry is responsible for the worst animal abuse in human history. Never before have so many animals been born for the sole purpose of being slaughtered. How has the meat industry convinced even people who oppose animals cruelty to defend the idea that millions of animals exist just so we can eat them? How have their marketing campaigns succeeded in encouraging Western populations to eat so much meat that it is now a public health issue?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, there is something we cannot deny; if we were a chicken, a pig, or a cow, we wouldn’t want to be in the hands of the meat industry.

It is clear that we can live healthy and happy lives by opting for meatless alternatives, thus sparing the suffering of millions of animals. So why wouldn’t we choose a healthier and more compassionate diet?


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