How Brands Are Reacting to 2017’s Vegan Explosion

Vegan eating is “in” for 2017. Rarely does a day go by without a new vegan-related headline, and every week we’re astounded by the new plant-based options popping up on menus and supermarket shelves across the UK.

We’re experiencing the surge at PETA, too. Orders of our free vegan starter kit have increased each year: 14,000 Brits requested a copy in 2013, 28,000 in 2014, 35,000 in 2015, and a whopping 72,000 in 2016.

In January, more than 8,000 people signed PETA’s vegan pledge, joining thousands of others who also made the switch with help from organisations such as Animal Aid, Veganuary, and The Vegan Society. Among those taking PETA’s pledge, a massive 85 per cent of survey respondents were planning to stay vegan after the initial 31 days!

The examples below are just some of the ways in which food brands and restaurants are getting on board with plant-based meals and snacks.

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